Why do fancy restaurants serve such tiny portions?

Have you ever noticed that the fancy restaurants serve you up with really small portions?

Why is that? You would think for the price they charged and the elegant style of the restaurant,Guest Posting the Chef in his chef whites and chef hat could at least give you a decent portion of food, right?

Well, such high-class restaurants have many reasons for serving small portion sizes, such as:

Keeping costs down – High class restaurants order only the best ingredients for their dishes and these too from various different sources, in order to create and serve a high quality, great tasting food, hence the price they pay for the ingredients in much more. By serving small portions they make the dish more affordable.
Wide array of tasting – Most high-end restaurants offer several courses per meal, and the small portions give customers the opportunity to taste several different varieties and flavored dishes.
Creative plating – Smaller portions allows for greater space on the plates for Chefs to get creative with their plating skills, making the dishes true artistic creations.
Taste vs quantity – The understanding among fine dining restaurants is that their customers prefer to savor different tastes rather than fill up.
Creating a buzz – With the creative plating ideas of these small portions, the restaurants are able to create content for themselves through their consumers with photos and posts etc of unique dishes being shared by them through social media channels.
Less boring tastes – Smaller portions create lasting excitement for our tastebuds. It is widely understood that our tastebuds get used to a taste after 4-5 bites, hence with small portions of varying dishes, the tastebuds are constantly tantalized with new and exciting tastes.

So, the next time you visit a high-end restaurant, don’t be put off by the small portions. It is all planned according to the right psychology, and all those chefs, wearing their chef whites, want to do is to give you an explosion of flavors to savor and create a memorable dining experience for you.